Top 5 Summer Car Care Tips

August 8th, 2018 by

Summer car care is crucial to ensuring your safety and your
vehicle’s longevity. But what summer
maintenance should you focus on? Our expert technicians can guide you
during your next maintenance visit. Here are the top five things to keep an eye

1.       Oil change: Regular oil changes are the
most important car care you can perform. If your car is
due for an oil change, do not put it off.

2.       Battery test: We normally worry about
our batteries in the cold winter, but excessive heat can also shorten battery
life. Make sure your battery is performing optimally with a simple battery test
at our dealership.

3.       Tires: Before heading out on any summer
vacation, check the condition of your tires. Are the treads balding? Are there
cracks? You may need to replace your tires before traveling long distances. If
nothing else, check your tire pressure to make sure they are properly inflated.

4.       Air conditioning: While your vehicle’s
air conditioning is not the most crucial element for your safety, you’ll want
to ensure it is running properly in the summer heat for your comfort. A
properly running air conditioning unit will also improve fuel economy.

5.       Cooling system: Keep your vehicle from
overheating by flushing the cooling system this summer. New coolant will keep
your engine at the optimal temperature.

If your vehicle needs any maintenance this summer, visit our
service department at Shenango Honda.
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