New Vehicle Specials

Are you considering upgrading your Sharon drive with a new Honda for sale? Have you been frequently searching, “leased cars for sale near me?” From the family-friendly Honda CR-V to the sporty Civic, we’re sure that you can find the perfect model for your lifestyle and budget. When you shop with Shenango Honda, not only will have access to our wide selection of Honda vehicles, but you can also take advantage of our ongoing lease specials and finance specials to get a great deal on your brand new Honda.

Should I Lease or Finance a New Honda?

No matter whether you choose to lease or finance, you can enjoy great savings with our Honda new car deals! Our finance center experts will work closely with you to help you secure the best terms possible. How do you know whether our lease specials or our finance specials are right for you? Here’s a brief overview of leasing vs. financing and what you can expect from each option:

Overview of Leasing

  • You’ll have a smaller monthly payment
  • You can easily upgrade to a newer model
  • There are mileage limits to follow, or run the risk of paying a fee

Overview of Financing

  • You’re making monthly payments and working towards ownership of the vehicle
  • You can make any desired customizations
  • There are no mileage limits to adhere to
  • You can trade in the vehicle or sell it at any point in time

Bottom line: If you enjoy driving the newest Honda around Hubbard, leasing is your best option. On the other hand, financing is best if you intend of driving your vehicle for a longer amount of time and would like to eventually own it.

Take Advantage of the Honda Lease Deals in Pennsylvania at Shenango Honda

Upgrading your Mercer commute with a new Honda for sale in PA shouldn’t break the bank. Shop the lease specials and finance specials at Shenango Honda to get a great deal on your new Honda vehicle. Contact us today at Shenango Honda if you’d like an automotive lease guide, or you want more insight into the financing process. We here at Shenango Honda are always ready to help shoppers like yourself leave with their favorite Honda model!