Read These Halloween Safety Tips Before October 31st

October 2nd, 2018 by

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — we’re talking
about Halloween, of course. And as fun as this holiday can be (for kids and adults), it is important that we prioritize safety, as drivers and as parents. Check out these Halloween safety tips
before Oct. 31 and ensure that everyone has a happy All Hallows Eve: 

If You are a Parent

Make sure a trusted adult accompanies young
children when trick-or-treating. Because it is dark and there are a lot of
people out, your best bet is a ratio of three kids to one adult, maximum.

Set boundaries, like locations and curfews, for
older children out trick-or-treating by themselves or going to parties. If you
have a high schooler or college student, talk about the dangers of drinking
underage and of drinking and driving.

Test all candy to make sure it hasn’t been
tampered with, before letting your children eat it.

If You are a Driver

Slow down! Children are not predictable
pedestrians, and they will be all over residential areas. Expect them to run
out into the street at any moment.

Be especially careful when pulling into or
backing out of driveways, as kids and parents will be all over the sidewalks.

Turn your headlights on and turn your music
down. Increased visibility and focus will be crucial.

The team at Shenango Honda wishes you and yours a most joyous
— and if you’re out hunting candy, lucrative — Halloween.
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