All About the Honda Green Path Program

July 17th, 2018 by

Honda prioritizes sustainability across its model lineup,
including cars like the Honda Fit EV and the Accord Hybrid. But Honda also
makes sustainability its mission during the design, manufacturing,
transportation, and selling of those models. How? It’s all a part of the Green Path initiative. 

Removing Substances of Concern

The primary goal of the Honda Green Path program is to
remove harmful substances of concern (SOCs) from Honda products and to make
Honda vehicles components easier to recycle. But an even more important goal is
to make the process of designing those products and vehicles more sustainable.

Reducing Waste

For example, Honda now only sends one half of one percent of
all waste from its 12 manufacturing plants in North America to
landfills. The automaker has also reduced water consumption in the
manufacturing process and has cut significant energy use from its auto body
painting process. In total, Honda has reduced energy consumption per vehicle by
14 percent over the last decade.

Eco-Friendly Shipping

Honda also makes shipping as eco-friendly as possible. The
brand ships roughly 80 percent of its vehicles by train because trains are four
times more efficient than trucks for transporting vehicles.

Green Dealers Program

Finally, Honda has initiated a Green Dealers program to give
dealerships like Shenango Honda access to best practices for reducing reliance
on electricity and water in our daily operations. At Shenango Honda, we are
proud to be part of a brand that prioritizes sustainability and environmental
progress. For more information about some of our eco-friendly models, visit ourshowroom in Hermitage.
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