Premium vs. Regular Gas: What’s the Difference?

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When stopping to fill up at the gas station around Sharon, you’ve probably never given too much thought as to what the different kinds of gas options are, especially when it comes to premium and regular gas. There are several differences between premium and regular gas that are important to know for your specific Honda vehicle, and Shenango Honda can help you determine which gas is the best choice. Learn about the difference between premium and regular gas with us before you stop to fill up on your next trip!



Differences Between Premium & Regular Gas

When you compare premium vs. regular gas, you’ll find that most of the ways they’re different from each other lie in how they function for different kinds of vehicles. Let’s take a look at the major differences between premium and regular gasoline: 

Premium Gasoline

  • Octane: Premium gas has a higher octane rating, usually 90+. Higher octane levels have a greater chance of preventing engine knocking. 
  • Engine: Premium gas is better for engines with high compression ratios since it burns slower than regular gas. 
  • Price: Premium gas is usually more expensive than regular gas. In some Hubbard-area gas stations, you might see premium gas cost about 20-40 cents more per gallon. 

Regular Gasoline

  • Octane: Regular gas has a lower octane rating, usually 87. 
  • Engine: Regular gas is more ideal for engines with low compression ratios since it burns faster than premium gas. 
  • Price: Regular gas is usually cheaper than premium gas. In fact, it’s usually one of the cheapest fueling options at most gas stations. 

Essentially, regular gas is the more cost-effective option, but premium gas helps keep your engine cleaner and is suited for more high-performance engines. 

General Gas Tips Every Driver Should Know

Now that you know the differences between premium and regular gas, let’s take a look at some general gas tips that every Mercer driver should know before stopping to fill up at the gas station: 

  • Putting premium gas in your car won’t increase its performance or make it last longer if premium gas isn’t required. 
  • Using regular gas usually won’t cause any damage to your engine if your car requires premium gas. 
  • In cars with turbochargers, using premium gas might be the better option. 

For more questions about which gas is best for your Honda, reach out to our service center at Shenango Honda!

Keep Your Honda in Tip-Top Shape in Hermitage!

Contact us to compare premium vs. regular gas in more detail and to take any of our Honda models for a test drive. For any other car maintenance tips or best practices, don’t forget to check out our service and parts information page on our website!

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