How to Use a Car Battery Charger

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There’s no worse feeling than being on the side of the road around Sharon and not having your Honda be able to start. If a jump-start doesn’t get your battery going, then you’ll likely need to use a car battery charger to get it running again. Learn how to use a car battery charger with Shenango Honda, your service experts. We’ll show you how to use portable car battery charger and everything else you need to know in order to keep your Honda battery running efficiently!



Different Types of Car Battery Chargers

There are three different types of portable car battery chargers that you can use to keep from getting stranded on the road in Hubbard: charger, maintainer, and restorer. They all have the same main function with slightly different purposes. Here are the purposes of each car charger type:

  • Car Battery Charger: Chargers usually only need a low-amperage level of charge to recharge your Honda vehicle’s battery, and it usually takes about 24 hours. Keep a watch of its charge level, so you don’t overcharge the unit
  • Car Battery Maintainer: This type of car charger maintains a battery’s charge level and stops charging once the charge level is full. One of its biggest advantages is that it’ll provide a steady flow of power to your battery without overcharging it.
  • Car Battery Restorer: This type of car battery charger is designed to prevent heavy battery sulfation. Over time, batteries can form lead sulfate crystals if they run low on charge or fail to start. These crystals can lower the battery’s chances of starting back up again. Restorer’s detect any formation of lead sulfate crystals and use a desulfator to get rid of the crystals.

You can find the car battery charger you need for your Honda at our parts store in our dealership or online.

How to Charge Use a Car Battery Charger to Charge Your Battery

If you’ve tried jump-starting your Honda car’s battery with no luck, then it more than likely needs to be recharged. Luckily for you, the process is pretty straightforward. Follow these steps in order to get your battery running again:

  1. In some cases, you may need to remove the battery or parts surrounding the battery, depending on the type of Honda you drive. We recommend consulting your owner’s manual to double check.
  2. Locate the positive cable on your charger, and connect the positive charger cable to your battery’s positive terminal.
  3. Locate the negative cable on your charger, and connect the positive charger cable to your battery’s positive terminal.
  4. Put the battery charger on its slowest rate of charge.
  5. Turn on the charger, and set a timer.
  6. Once the battery is charged at the appropriate level, turn off the charger.
  7. Disconnect the charger, and detach the cables.

That should be it! Your battery should be good to go, and your Honda should be ready to hit the Mercer roads.

How Long Do You Charge a Car Battery For?

Not sure how long to charge a car battery? The amount of time you should charge your car’s battery depends on the battery’s condition and the output of your battery charger. If the voltage level is less than 11.85, and your charger has a 5-amperage charger rate, then you’ll need about 12 hours to charge the battery to full levels. This is standard for cars that have 400-500 cold-cranking amperage levels in their batteries. The cold-cranking amperage levels will affect the charge times.

Keep in mind that if you find yourself having to charge your battery often, it’s usually a sign that your battery needs additional service or replaced altogether. Schedule service with Shenango Honda in Hermitage if you’d like to have our experts take a look!

Service Your Battery at Shenango Honda

For more questions about how to use a car battery charger, contact us any time! Otherwise, we have plenty of additional service and parts tips on our website that can help make car maintenance much simpler.


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