How Long Does an Oil Change Take?

oil change on a car
Although it can vary depending on your vehicle make, model, and year, but most oil changes should only take less than an hour. To help you get back on the Sharon roads in no time, our service center at Shenango Honda can quickly and efficiently get your oil changed as soon as possible. You can visit Shenango Honda online for more information on setting up an appointment and learning more about how long an oil change should take.

Changing Your Oil Yourself

How long should an oil change take if you perform one yourself? Much like if you take your vehicle into our shop near Hubbard, you’ll want to plan on taking about at least an hour if you’re doing it yourself. To change your vehicle’s oil, you’ll need the following tools:

  • New oil
  • New oil filter
  • New oil filter gasket
  • Rubber mallet
  • Correctly-sized wrenches
  • Jack
  • Wheel blocks

While you can certainly change your oil on your own, you can also save time and, in some cases, money when you schedule service with our service center at Shenango Honda.

Benefits of Changing Your Oil at Shenango Honda

Now that you know how long an oil change takes, you can head on over to Shenango Honda from Mercer to get your vehicle’s oil changed in no time. Besides getting exceptional service on your vehicle, there are plenty of other great benefits to visiting Shenango Honda, like:

  • Experienced service team, excellent equipment, and genuine OEM parts designed for your specific vehicle.
  • Rotating selection of service specials to help you save more money and make vehicle maintenance more affordable.
  • Wide range of other routine services besides just oil changes and can get your vehicle running like new even if you need serious repairs.

When it’s time get your oil changed, you can trust that Shenango Honda will have your oil changed quickly and correctly every time.

Get Your Oil Changed at Shenango Honda

How long does an oil change take? Whether you’re performing some DIY maintenance or bringing your vehicle into our shop in Hermitage, you can expect your oil change to take under an hour. Contact us to let us handle your oil changes and other vehicle maintenance requirements, so you can get back to enjoying your daily commute.

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