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If you’re a Sharon buyer looking to lease for the first time, you’re probably wondering about the timeframe to return a leased car. Many new car leases will last two to three years on average, but your leasing company will contact you around 30 to 90 days before your actual lease-end date to start preparing you for the lease return process.

For those who have just leased a car for your Hubbard commute and you realize it’s not the best choice, you might be asking, “Can I return a car after one day?” or “Can I return a leased car within three days.” If you’re looking to cancel a car lease within 30 days, learn more in this guide from Shenango Honda! For those with additional questions, call us at 800-858-0849 or reach out online.

Can You Return a Leased Car Within 30 Days?

Some Mercer buyers have asked, “Can you return a lease after one day?” and “Can I return a leased car within three days?” The answer is a tentative yes, with some caveats. Any plans to cancel a car lease within 30 days will result in an early termination and a hefty fee.

Depending on the leasing company, an early termination fee can include the totality of all your remaining lease payments, otherwise known as the difference between your current lease balance and the projected lease-end value or other fees. This means terminating a lease much sooner can result in you paying more. So, for those asking, “Can I return a leased car within three days?” be aware that you can end up paying for the entire lease but won’t get to drive the vehicle.

What to Ask Before Ending a Car Lease Early

Many Sharon drivers who are planning to end their car lease early are often only a few days into one. If you only have one year or less left and you don’t need the vehicle anymore, or it isn’t a good fit, your early termination fee won’t be as severe as if you were only a few days into your lease. If you’re asking, “Can you return a lease after one day?” here are some factors to consider:

  • Why Do You Want to End The Lease Early? – Perhaps you don’t like the color of your car or wish you had upgraded to a leather interior. None of which doesn’t justify the larger fee you will pay for ending the lease early. If you’re moving from Hubbard and you can’t make the vehicle work for you, an early termination fee may be worth exploring.
  • How Large of a Fee Would You Pay? – Depending on how early you want to terminate the lease, you may wind up paying several thousand dollars or more.
  • What Are The Leasing Company’s Policies? – Always ask about any associated fees, and if you’re in a tough situation, they might be able to work with you on a more favorable solution.

Learn More About Leasing at Shenango Honda

Now that you have an answer to whether you can return a lease after one day, the choice to buy or lease is entirely up to you. Even if you didn’t lease your vehicle from Shenango Honda, you can return it to us without issue. We also have an entire finance and instance information section to answer anything else that might arise. Whether it’s ending a lease early or learning about MSRP, Shenango Honda is the Hermitage dealer to turn to!

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