Financing a Car With Bad Credit

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If you want to upgrade your ride but have less-than-ideal credit, then you might be wondering if financing a new vehicle is even possible. However, just because you have bad credit doesn’t mean that financing a new vehicle is impossible. Instead, it just means that you’ll have to go about it a little differently. Luckily, Shenango Honda has put together some of the best bad-credit car finance tips to help you get a new Honda near Sharon!

Bad-Credit Car Finance Tips & Advice

When financing a car with bad credit, you’ll want to keep in mind that you’ll probably have to make a larger-than-usual down payment. Additionally, interest rates will probably be higher than usual. That’s why it’s important to have a set budget in mind when going about financing rates and deals if you have bad credit. Here are some bad-credit car finance tips to help you out during your shopping journey in the Hubbard area:

  • Apply for Multiple Loans: If you apply for multiple loans within 14 days, then you lower your chances of receiving a negative impact on your credit score. 
  • Compare Offers: As you apply with different lenders, compare the offers you receive to see which offer makes the most sense for you. 
  • Anticipate Higher-Than-Usual Costs: As mentioned earlier, you’ll probably have to make a larger down payment, or you may have higher interest rates. In some cases, you may even have both, so this is something to remember as you go about financing a car with bad credit. 
  • You May Actually Get Approved: It’s easy to assume that a lender won’t approve you for financing because of your credit score, but we recommend to not assume that. It’s important to ask all kinds of questions to see what other kinds of options are available. 
  • Try to Raise Your Credit Score: Paying off even small debts can contribute to you building up your credit score and ultimately raising it. One way to do this is by using your credit card on little things and paying them off immediately. 

For any other questions about bad-credit car finance or other car-buying tips, reach out to our team at Shenango Honda online or in person near Mercer. Don’t forget that you can also easily apply for financing online when you visit our website.

Learn More About Financing a Car With Bad Credit in Hermitage!

Bad-credit car finance doesn’t have to be hard, especially when you go about doing it with the finance team at Shenango Honda. Contact us to get all of your bad-credit car finance questions answered and to see how you can get the car you want, even if you have less-than-perfect credit. 


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