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Airbag Light

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Brake System Failure 

Honda Dashboard Warning Lights   

Dashboard warning lights are something often met with a sense of dread - and some of them should be. Others actually just serve to inform you if a particular system, like Adaptive Cruise Control, is currently engaged. Knowing what each dashboard light means can help you navigate the road safely, especially when it comes to the lights that indicate an issue with your vehicle.

A general rule of thumb is to think of the warning lights like a stoplight: Yellow lights indicate an issue that is not immediate but that should be addressed by a technician at Shenango Honda as soon as possible; red lights mean to pull over immediately and call your mechanic.

Here are some of the most common Honda dashboard warning lights you should know:

Supplemental Restraint System

In the event of a crash, your airbags are integral to your safety. But if this light appears, there could be something wrong with those airbags, and they may not deploy. Do not attempt to drive your vehicle; call roadside assistance for a tow to our dealership.

High Temperature

This light means your engine is overheating. Turn off your car and get out, then call roadside assistance.

Brake Light

It happens to us all at some point - forgetting to turn off the parking brake before putting the vehicle in drive. This light is a friendly reminder to turn off your parking brake.

Low Oil Pressure

When this light engages, your oil pressure is low. This means active lubrication of your engine may no longer be happening, which could lead to overheating. That makes it crucial to bring your vehicle in for service as soon as possible.

Charging System

This battery-shaped light indicates a problem with your charging system and therefore electric power, which could lead to your being stranded. Pull over and dial roadside assistance right away.

Check Engine Light

Perhaps the most dreaded light, this light indicates any number of problems with your engine that should be diagnosed by a technician. Do not ignore this light; if left untreated, small engine issues could quickly turn into much larger, costlier ones.

Braking System Failure

This light indicates a potential failure in your braking system. As soon as you safely can, pull over to the side of the road and park your vehicle. Then call for a tow.

If you've got a dashboard light that you don't understand, or if you've gotten one of the lights mentioned above, bring your vehicle into Shenango Honda and our Honda service team will diagnose it for you and make sure you get back on the road as quickly as possible.