How to Pack for a Road Trip in Your New Honda Odyssey

Road trips can be an exciting time for your family — but if not well organized, they can quickly fall apart. Have a new Honda Odyssey from Shenango Honda that you plan to travel in this spring? Here’s how to pack for a road trip in your new minivan:

 New Honda Odyssey

·         On-the-go entertainment: If you have multiple days of driving ahead of you, pack small bags for each passenger with forms of entertainment. Books, magazines, hand-held video games, and toys. Make sure your driver has access to an infotainment system for his or her favorite music, podcasts, and audio books.

·         Food: Pack a cooler in between the second-row captain’s chairs with bottled water and healthy, filling snacks.

·         Overnight bag: If you have multiple lodging stops along your trip, don’t bring everyone’s luggage in every time. Simply pack one overnight bag with every family member’s pajamas, and toiletries, and outfit for the next day. You can keep unpacking and repacking this bag as you go so you never have to carry everything in.

·         Luggage: Be smart with how you pack, using packing cubes and other organizers. Store bigger luggage behind the third row or atop the van using roof racks to maximize comfort for those in the rear seats.

From all of us at Shenango Honda, we hope you enjoy the warmer months. If you’re looking for a new car for your next road trip, stop by and browse our inventory.

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