How to Get Your Car Prepared for Spring

Warmer weather is fast approaching. And even though we will finally get to rejoice over the lack of snow, the spring season comes with its own problems. Here are some tips on how to get your car prepared for spring.

Check Tire Pressure 

Clean, Clean, Clean

Winter muck doesn't look pretty on your car. Give it a new look for the new season by thoroughly washing and detailing your car's interior. Waxing and buffing your car’s exterior will help protect its paint.

Oil Change

Your engine can go through a lot of hard work in the winter, which means your…

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What to Pack in Your Honda CR-V for Your Family Getaway

Planning a family road trip is no easy feat. First, you have to find one place that the whole family can agree on. Next, you have to make sure your car is ready for the trip (oil change, gassed up, etc.)—if it’s in poor condition, you may even need to purchase a new road trip vehicle, like the Honda CR-V, available at Shenango Honda. Finally, you’ve got to pack up the CR-V…

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The 2018 Honda Civic Sedan

Despite the compact size of the new 2018 Honda Civic Sedan, this car boasts excellent performance, efficiency, and technology for modern drivers.



The 2018 Civic Sedan comes with a standard 2.0-liter engine that offers 158 horsepower and an impressive 40 mpg on the highway.* If you want a touch more power, you can opt for the 174-horsepower turbocharged engine. The Continuously Variable Transmission helps the vehicle strike a perfect balance between energy and…

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